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Support Your Local Everything!

My buddy Joe had a great idea and project for me to work on. The idea is to spread a positive message to people closest to us, in our neighborhoods and streets, to hopefully make them smile and know we are all in this together. He came up with the ‘Hang In There World’ and I think it works perfect. 

The best way to make a difference in the world is to focus on our local businesses and community.

Every day it gets easier and easier to become less connected with people around us. Social media doesn't always prompt positive interactions. We want to help promote a positive message and let others know we are all in this together. 


We are excited to be donating sales to the Wishing Star Foundation! Wishing Star Foundation grants wishes to children ages 3 to 21 with a terminal, life threatening or medically complicated condition. At Wishing Star the wish is only the beginning. We believe that “once a wish family, always a wish family.” We continue to support our children and families long after the wish. We keep our families in community with one another so that there is a consistent support system as they battle the challenges of a life threatening illness. We provide tickets for concerts, sporting events, community events as well as assisting with travel and lodging costs when a wish child needs to obtain medical treatment outside of their area.  Wishing Star also supports families through the loss of their wish child. We provide financial assistance with funeral arrangements, grief counseling and at the 6 month anniversary of the child’s passing we send the parents on a trip together to promote healing and to give them time away to focus on their relationship. 

Wishing Star is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are supported by individual gifts, fundraising, donations, grants and memorials. We do not receive funding from the government or United Way.